Frank Koopman is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategist. He is personally involved in various start-up ventures; as initiator, investor, and or board member.

Frank is a market driven and people oriented board level executive. His passion is growth. Top line as well as breakthrough innovations. Business oriented, extremely focused, strong analytics and vision. He combines disruptive innovation with creativity and execution. Out of the box thinker.

Frank is married to a beautiful and lovely wife, and has raised three daughters (which was challenging). His interests include a good conversation, glass of wine, setting-up successful companies, and a 30+-year enthusiasm for reading classic science fiction literature. He holds dual nationalities, Dutch and French. The latter brings his romantic life style.

Under the auspices of his management company NextCom and investment company Telcobrains, Frank creates and manages a variety of world-class initiatives that change and improve the way people do business and live their lives, and where people with imagination turn ideas into valuable solutions and services.

My view  

After decades of growth, we are now about 10 percent of the way into what the Internet has in store for our business and personal lives. Soon, everybody will be using the Internet, empowering themselves to get what they want, when they want it, from wherever they are.

At the same time social and economic interaction between people, businesses and governments are undergoing a fundamental change and new rules of the game and governance models are needed for the future digital societies. The new generation has lost hope in the political system and the economic model. The current institutions are no longer able to provide the conditions to build the future.

The combination of societal and technical developments asks for new ideas, vision and new services

We need to create new business models and new forms of interaction between enterprises, governments and citizens. Since real time data-driven applications are transforming all social and economic sectors, it is important that consumers trust the systems they use and that they are in control of the data they produce, use, and share.

New services will provide new types of communications between consumers, businesses and governments, from many to many, between stable communities, ad-hoc communities, based on common likes, etc. They will also provide support for cooperative communications that facilitate teamwork, co-creation or putting ideas together. In addition, new types of communication will appear since technology will provide options that are unavailable to us in the physical world, such as cutting distances and times and eliminating the language barrier. It will also be easier to find networks with common likes. People will always be available, active, connected and locatable, and will have help remembering everything.

Each day we get closer to a new phase of the Internet that will make today's version seem primitive. Not only will this next-generation Internet be orders of magnitude faster, but it also will be always on, everywhere, natural, intelligent, easy and trusted.

Frank Koopman